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NDR visits bfirm? Interested in remanufacturing!

NDR at bfirm

Social change is progressing, even "middle of society" is becoming increasingly open to products, which have been industrially processed and fed into a new product life cycle.

The increasing demand for products from the so-called "Remanufacturing" motivates companies to either further expand their existing activities in remanufacturing or to enter into remanufacturing.

As a science spin-off from research, we help companies get started with remanufacturing, design resilient business models and develop, compare and validate suitable component cleaning and coating processes. In this way, companies are protected against bad investments, among other things, or can significantly increase the performance of existing processes. Exciting topics and social developments, so that the NDR visits bfirm and creates an exciting contribution.

Questions that remanufacturing companies often have include:

  • Which products are suitable for remanufacturing and how can they be identified?
  • How could a suitable reman process be designed?
  • How can a business model for the procurement of suitable old parts be set up?
  • What are the challenges in the industrial dismantling of old parts?
  • Which component cleaning processes are required?
  • How can different components and materials be cleaned in a component cleaning process without damaging functional surfaces?
  •  How can the technical cleanliness in the reman be designed to be process-reliable?
  • Which manufacturing processes are suitable for reconditioning worn individual parts?
  • What reject rates can be expected in the remanufacturing process?
  • What insights from existing reman companies can be transferred to your use case?

We answer these, point out various alternatives for action, regardless of the manufacturer, and determine economic and technical performance parameters. All processes and manufacturers from all over Europe!

Additional information is available here:

For remanufacturing:


On industrial component cleaning and coating processes:


The NDR media contribution is still in progress, but we will of course keep our network up to date.

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