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The cleaning and decoating of technical components is an integral element in the production of new parts as well as in industrial remanufacturing. It often represents the bottleneck in the entire production process.

The industrial cleaning and decoating processes must have high process performance, be lean and cost-effective, and meet modern management and environmental requirements. If the performance limit of technical systems has been reached or if the product portfolio has changed, the requirements are no longer met and there is a need for action.

ndustrial painting and coating processes - similar to industrial cleaning and decoating processes - are often a complex combination of processes, technologies and systems from different manufacturers and typically form the bottleneck in the production process.

The requirements include high process performance, consistent process quality and attractive process costs. If the product portfolio changes or the technical performance limit is reached, these requirements are no longer met.

The remanufacturing of technical components and products is also referred to as reman, general overhaul or reconditioning. What these terms have in common is that the components and products (cores) are overhauled at the end of their useful life and then go through a new product life cycle.

In the case of remanufacturing, the challenge regarding the cores is their highly variable contamination level. Examples for this circumstance are paint layers of different compositions and thicknesses, which often contain grease, rust or other unknown contaminants pushing the remanufacturing process to its performance limits.

There is great potential for cost savings and increased performance in industrial cleaning, painting and coating processes when using automation solutions. Due to a high number of variants of components and workpieces, batch sizes that are too small and manual masking efforts, the risks of a bad investment are unfortunately similarly high.

Our consultants will be happy to identify the potential for automation in your cleaning, painting and coating processes and, if necessary, to show you alternative courses of action to improve performance.

The development, optimization and validation of industrial cleaning and coating processes is a complex challenge that raises many additional questions:

  • Integration of the new process into the existing (CAD) layout
  • Planning of material distribution areas
  • Disposal of the mixed waste fraction
  • Consideration of occupational safety and CO2-Emission
  • Media provision and consumption for technical systems
  • Creation of the workpiece carrier concept

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